Paying Attention

I grow weary under the onslaught of information that pervades our wifi world. It is no longer possible to fully participate in work or play, professional or personal relationships and growth without using a screen. Passively (as in television viewing) or interactively (smart devices and computers) we are bombarded with information – images and messages . . . → Read More: Paying Attention

Camino Echoes – Disruption & Gratitude


That Which I Can Recognize But Never Name

(I recently came across this letter in a file and have decided to re-publish it here. I wrote it to friends in February 2008, about my experiences not long after the death of John O’Donohue – for whom I had begun working just eight months earlier. )


As a child, I always had . . . → Read More: That Which I Can Recognize But Never Name

Farm Life

I’m feeling something shifting in my understanding of my way of life. This morning as I woke, I had the familiar thoughts (and accompanying dread) about a clambering to-do- list, “OVERDUE” flashing relentlessly in my skull. Then, for unknown reasons, I suddenly shifted away from that story.

It was a story about, “Get there. You’re . . . → Read More: Farm Life

Dancing in Every Direction

When I dance, I take steps forward, sideways, backward. I follow a rhythm. I coordinate my movements and rhythm to those of other dancers and the music surrounding me, and I love the creative experience.

When I work, I make a plan for moving forward. I set a pace and resent interruptions or obstacles . . . → Read More: Dancing in Every Direction

Rejeuvenating Creative Energy and Willingness

Where Did My Willingness Go?

Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck. I can’t seem to find my willingness to do the things I’ve agreed to do. My pending to-do tasks are piling up and deadlines are boiling into urgency.

Something needs to shake loose soon, or I’ll be the one boiling . . . → Read More: Rejeuvenating Creative Energy and Willingness

Abiding Questions

Every Sunday morning, my dad and I use iChat to have a video-conference. He calls it ‘having breakfast together.’  (I think of it as our “Jetson Family Moment.”)

Last Sunday, as I sipped my coffee and jiggled the headset connection, Dad said, “I’ve got to figure out what I really want to do.”

. . . → Read More: Abiding Questions

Traveling Thoughts

I’m heading out for Colorado this week. Â I’ll be driving. Road trip! I love to drive across the country and am busy planning and packing. I want to be well-prepared.

The hours of solitude are like a personal retreat for me. I take the roads less traveled whenever possible (in this case, Route . . . → Read More: Traveling Thoughts

Happiness & Possibility

Pursuit of Happiness

During the embattled years of law school, a friend and I clung together in our metaphorical fox-hole, confiding to one another all that was scary, going wrong, or likely to go wrong. We’d spend hours (over nachos and margueritas) pep-talking one another into persevering.  Then, one day, she and I . . . → Read More: Happiness & Possibility

The choice:

fitting myself to the system or communicating myself, ‘in my full stature and proportion,’ through the work and the way I choose to do it. –Linda Alvarez

“The common experience is that the man fits himself as well as he can to the customary details of that work or trade he falls into, and tends . . . → Read More: The choice: