As Sad As I Am – from the archives

This short post from nearly 10 years ago seems even more timely today. 

monday, august 10, 2009
I took a sort of “grief retreat” this last weekend. While in Scotland at the Nonviolent Communication Intensive Training, I had realized that I am REALLY SAD about a lot of things — some personal, some global. And I noticed that it was taking up a great deal of my energy to keep the sadness at bay. I also noticed that I used several “tools” (time-wasters) in aid of avoiding the sadness: Internet surfing, television watching, two extra glasses of wine . . . . So, I gave myself permission for two full days to feel exactly as sad as I actually felt – and I did not open the computer, turn on the TV or have any wine. I did cry – but not as much as I had imagined I would.

Now, on the Monday end of the grief-retreat experiment, I am glad that I did it. I feel the kind of refreshment one notices after a rainstorm – a sort of clearing of the detritus. I haven’t had any amazing revelations about lifetruthgoddeathloveandreality . . . but I do feel like a bit of my energy and ability to focus has been boosted – returned.

Now I’m thinking about trying a week of it . . . maybe as soon as next week. Don’t know if I dare.

love you all.

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